Guaranteed Success.

At Word of Mouth, we are so confident in our product that we are willing to back it up with a guarantee. Not only do we give organisations such as schools, churches, etc. very generous credit terms, with nothing to pay up front, and the full balance due 90 days from date of invoice, but we guarantee that your organisation will not be left out of pocket in the unlikely event that your book does not sell.

Word of Mouth publishers hereby guarantees to every organisation engaged in their fundraising recipe book programme, that sales from the books will be sufficient to pay the printing bill in full - subject to the following conditions:

1. Recipe donors must be a member of the sponsoring organisation or from local community
2. Sales promotion suggestions must be followed
3. Books should be sold for the minimum recommended price on the price chart
4. Names of recipe donors must be included with their recipes
5. 200 book order must contain recipes from 60 different people
6. 201-500 book order must contain recipes from 150 different people
7. 501-1000 book order must contain recipes from 200 different people
8. 1001-1500 book order must contain recipes from 250 different people
9. 1501-2000 book order must contain recipes from 300 different people

If these conditions are adhered to and monies collected from sales of your recipe books are not enough to pay for the printing, then any revenue collected from the project along with unsold books can be returned to us, only after written approval has been given.

Reorders are not covered by this guarantee.

Please don't feel that you need to meet the criteria listed above for your book to be a success - we have printed many books which have sold out and been reordered which have had a far lower number of submitters than our guarantee requires.