About us . . .

Word of Mouth is the publishing arm of Printing Glasgow, first established in 1873 and still a family business. Through the years we have maintained our traditional values of service and quality, while embracing technology which ensures value for money. We believe that customer satisfaction is what really counts, so we go out of our way to earn it.

We are an ethical company, conscious of the environment and where possible use methods and practices with the least impact. We are also keen recyclers.

We are aware that the funds raised from sales of your recipe book are important to you, and have therefore tried to ensure that costs to your group are as low as possible. Please assist us by making sure that our production guidelines are followed, and that all materials submitted are carefully checked. Remember, you can raise more money when you type the recipes yourself and submit them on disc or via e-mail.

Please contact us to receive your free starter pack, with no obligation, or if you require more information on our products and services.

We look forward to being of service to you, and wish you great success in your fundraising project. Best of luck - and remember to enjoy it.